Mark Strong, founder of Mark Strong Coaching & Training, is the world's leading corporate trainer, executive coach, and team builder. Learn more today!

It’s Always Wrong to be Always Right

Leadership presents many conundrums. One of them involves the
style in which you choose to communicate your opinion and perspective to

On the one hand, if you’re in any type of management or
leadership role, you might feel it’s part of your job to be the one with all
the answers. You may fear that if you fail to at least project the image of
knowing it all, your team won’t respect you, and … Read More

Mark Strong, founder of Mark Strong Coaching & Training, is the world's leading corporate trainer, executive coach, and team builder. Learn more today!

Embrace Grace Under Pressure

 Through the past decade as an executive coach, career coach, and life coach helping people from all walks of life navigate professional and personal challenges, one thing is clear. No matter what problems we may face at any given moment, the sands always shift, taking us to a different place sooner or later. Life goes up and down continually regardless of our struggles to prevent this, bringing to mind the saying, Don’t push the river, … Read More

How to Avoid Falling Into a Workplace Rut

The toughest days of your professional career aren’t the days you burn the midnight oil to make a deadline. And they aren’t the days where you have to make a big presentation to some corporate big-shot.

The hardest days of your career are those days where you work hard as hell, but don’t see any results.

Say you commit yourself to going to the gym. After a few weeks of working out, as long as … Read More

What Are You An Expert In?

It is important to be known for something at the office.

Something that differentiates you. Something that makes you stand out. Something that no one else can do except you.


Because we all love mavens. They are the go-to people. They are the ones most remembered and the ones considered the biggest assets in any work environment. They are passionate about their area of expertise and their genuine enthusiasm is magnetic. But you can … Read More

Embrace Failure: It Prepares You for Success.

We all want to win. When we try to do things, it is our goal to do them well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way at least not at first, and perhaps not in the way we’d envisioned it.

If Michael Jordan admits in a Nike commercial that he’s had more than his share of failure throughout his illustrious NBA career, we’d be foolish to expect that we, too, wouldn’t take our share Read More

Summer: A Time to Stand Out At Work

We all look forward to summer. It is a time to take it easy at work. It is the time of early Fridays and weekend excursions to the beach or the country. Hey, we all need a break but why choose summer?

Sure, the weather is great but this is also a time when people aren’t working as hard as they normally do.

Want a leg up? Choose the summer to be a time to … Read More

Finding What Motivates You

While we all want to be perceived as the “busy bee” at the office, it is important that you know why you are working so hard.

There is no doubt that we all want our bosses to know that we are industrious employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. We want to stand out and possibly put ourselves in line for that promotion. But is that what you really want?

It is … Read More

Setting Boundaries at Work Part 1: The Benefits of Saying No

Many of us want to be the office superhero helping everyone and taking on all those special projects. It makes us look good and feel like we are indispensable. However, there are times when saying no will benefit you more than saying yes.

But isn’t it always better to say yes?

Not necessarily. If the scale gets out of balance, you will suffer from your yes man/woman mentality far more than you will prosper.

While … Read More

Now Is Better Than Yesterday or Tomorrow

We expend so much time and energy reflecting on the past or worrying about future outcomes. But while hindsight and foresight serve us in many ways, they can become a hindrance to our growth and lead to perpetual inaction.

Whenever you feel yourself in the malaise of the past/future vortex, here are a few things to keep in mind:

-We will never be happy or content if we are living in the past or the … Read More

Every Day Is a School Day

When we were young, there was a distinction between days for
learning (weekdays) and days for fun (weekends). No longer. If you want to get
ahead in your career, you must take the approach that every day is a school
day. In other words, there’s no room for Sunday slackers when it comes to your
career. You must stay on your toes and in learning mode 24/7 if you want to
stand out and move
Read More