Executive Coaching in NY

Employee Training

Our unique, New York City-based employee training and corporate training programs actively engage employees with high-energy, career- and game-changing training that improves knowledge and enhances skills. Our nationally acclaimed Mark Strong Coaching & Training team develops and delivers highly engaging and original customized training courses across a wide range of industries, from advertising/PR agencies and creative industries to technology, law, finance, fashion, publishing, among them, not only in New York City, but well beyond.

How? That’s where it gets interesting.

Mark Strong Coaching & Training knows that inspiration rarely strikes at the computer, desk or even in the office. In order to orchestrate that elusive alchemy, our teams create unique and tailored atmospheres in which problems can be solved and journeys can unfold and progress.

Borrowing from all manners of inspiration, fun, and whimsy for their approach – and with more than 40 training courses to choose from on a variety of topics — the teams offer organizations, executives, employees and entrepreneurs with validated contemporary insights that can quickly move them in the direction they want and need to go.

Participants learn how to narrow skill and knowledge gaps, approach thinking in new ways, and realize how to set realistic and attainable goals. And that’s just for starters.

Relentlessly results-oriented, our employee and corporate training programs focus on delivering useable tools and accessible strategies that participants of all levels can implement immediately. Our New York City-based, credentialed facilitators at Mark Strong Coaching & Training help high-performance companies, executives and employees become the best version of themselves, improving their skills and contribution while enhancing commitment and boosting engagement.

Our employee training and corporate training topics include:

·      Leadership Training

·      New Manager Training

·      Building a High-Performance Team

·      Creating Alignment

·      Building Relationships

·      Managing Generational Differences

·      Employing Emotional Intelligence

·      Dealing with Conflict

·      Having Difficult Conversations

·      Influencing Others

·      Communication Skills

·      Listening Skills

·      Motivation

·      Creativity

·      Delegation

·      Negotiation

·      Hiring

·      Managing Change

·      Delivering Feedback

·      Handling Difficult Situations

·      Account Management Boot Camp

·      Presentation Skills

·      Strategic Interviewing

·      Personal Branding

·      Managing Up

·      Coaching Others

·      Leading Meetings

·      Executive Presence + Presentation

·      Effective Selling

·      Powerful Networking

·      Managing Your Career

·      Driving Results

…And many more. In fact, your company might have its own obstacles and/or goals that aren’t listed here. Tell us about them HERE, and we’ll develop the right course that will exceed your expectations.



“We’ve used Mark for multiple types of professional growth training for employees in account management, creative and production. The feedback from his high-energy sessions is consistently positive and we are eager to work with Mark in the future.”


“Mark recently conducted presentation and storytelling training for more than 300 people in the agency. I’m certain that every attendee left with powerful tools they could use right away to dramatically improve all aspects of their internal and client-facing presentations. We look forward to Mark returning for more training very soon.”