Benefits of Online Career Coaching Services During Unemployment Crisis

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) drove millions of people indoors and away from their favorite businesses this year. Although society is slowly beginning to visit restaurants and other small outdoor spaces again, the concern about the spread of the infectious disease is still very present. Even now with states reopening, industries are continuing to struggle, and millions of people are recovering from being laid off.

For those who are unemployed, it’s imperative to remain optimistic and proactive. Without engaging in professional activities, many individuals grow uncomfortable in executive settings the longer they are away. The distance from their industry makes it much more difficult to get back into their daily commute — this is where a career coach can help.

Online career coaches provide training, emotional and professional support, and clarity during the job search. As consultants and advisors, coaches also help job seekers make wise choices when evaluating potential positions, negotiating salaries, and preparing for interviews. If you’re one of the many people looking for work right now, here is what you need to know on having an ally to help you with your job search:

How a Online Career Coach Can Help while Unemployed

A good online career coach is like a teacher, mentor, advisor, boss, and friend all rolled into one person. They provide perspective and can help individuals identify skills they may not be aware they have. Most people in the workforce are not cognizant of how their skillset, background, and talking points come off to others and how it separates them from other candidates.

Online career coaches can provide individuals with a perspective on how to see themselves as they appear to others. They can answer questions such as:

  • What are my strengths?
  • Why would employers hire me over someone else?
  • How can I capitalize on those strengths and heighten my odds of getting back into the workforce?

Business News Daily wrote, “Having a career coach is like having a brand awareness team.” This assessment is correct as career coaches are trained to hone in on skills that enable them to cultivate professional strengths in their clients.

Career mentors understand the importance of a person’s brand and how it is reinforced by their actions. Coaches guide professionals to enhance their brand through their behaviors, resume development, and professional development activities.

When to Hire an Online Career Coach

If you’ve been out of the job market for a while and have not been interviewed in a while, it’s the perfect time to hire a virtual career coach. These specialists can provide extensive training and online executive career coaching, or simply provide feedback when it’s most needed, like just before your next interview.  You can benefit from help if:

  • You’d like to change industries and you need help with strategy.
  • You haven’t interviewed or searched for a role in a long time.
  • You feel fear about the idea of going in for an interview.
  • Your presentation and talking points need work.

Online career coaches can provide help when people are changing industries and thus feel out of their depth. Times like these are when most people need extra support and receiving feedback from a professional makes the transition to a new industry less painful and more productive.

People also seek help from in person or virtual career coaches when they need to craft a resume. They know what text and features employers are looking for, so you can incorporate them and stand out among the rest.

Finally, those who are unemployed seek help from online career coaches when they’re feeling less than confident in their ability to interview well. Presentation is critical — slouching, failure to smile and speak clearly, speaking too quickly or not enough are all problems that can prevent a potential employer from seeing the good in a candidate.

How To Find an Online Career Coach for Your Specific Needs

Professional online coaching services are not a one-size-fits-all profession. When you hire a coach, it’s important to find the right match for your requirements. Interview career coaches before selecting the one for you and ask questions such as:• What’s your experience coaching those in my industry?

  • How do you prepare professionals for interviews?
  • What methods do you use to push individuals out of their comfort zone?
  • How do you provide actionable feedback to clients?
  • Do you offer online career coaching services?

It’s important to find a mentor with values that are aligned with yours. Have at least one in-depth conversation with your career coach before deciding who to hire and check references to ensure that the expert you’d like to work with has happy clientele.

Strong Career, Executive and Online Life Coaching Services

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