What Role Does Brain Research Have On Your Life?

Every piece of information, every experience and every event in your life is filtered and computed through your brain. Besides being the most important organ in your body, the brain is also possibly the most mysterious element of our bodies.

These conditions create an arena that is ripe for research and a climate that is filled with heated debate. How does your brain affect who you are? And how can you properly harness the patterns … Read More

Be Great, But Set Boundaries

that the reward for being amazing at your job is more work. Be great but set
boundaries. Beware if you ignore this rule.”

“Mark Strong

Are you an office superhero? Many of my executive coaching
clients have risen rapidly through the ranks based on their incredible work
ethic. This is a great skill in any economy, but it can really make you stand
out in a downturn. Standout performers increase their feeling of job
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