Strategic Facilitation NYC
Strategic Facilitation in New York


Strategic planning is at the heart of all successful business initiatives, yet it can be challenging to develop and implement successful strategies within corporate vacuums. The credentialed, experienced world-class facilitators at Mark Strong Coaching & Training have expertise that guides executives, entrepreneurs, and teams to solve specific business problems, prepare for new business pitches or other critical meetings, and create strategic documents in a relaxed, productive, and fun group setting. Yes, fun.We work (and play) with clients to welcome and embrace challenges by learning everything we can about each person we work with, so that they can make honest choices and bold decisions.Our Strategic Facilitation events provide your organization with a trained facilitator who designs your time together judiciously in order to meet your needs. Whether it’s overseeing location logistics or creating insightful, actionable plans; helping executive leadership teams align around a new strategy; assistance with strategic plan development, or help with creative insight to help management develop a new strategic vision, Mark Strong Coaching & Training offers unparalleled outcomes and effective strategic facilitation.

Do you have a corporate or creative challenge that needs solving in a group environment?



“We used Mark to help our executive leadership team come together and align around a new strategic vision and positioning. Mark’s strategic agility and friendly facilitation style make team off sites like these relaxed, productive and fun.”


“We have worked with Mark for a number of years in a variety of practice areas: executive coaching, personnel training, strategic plan development, facilitation of major meetings, and keeping us on track and accountable for making plans actually come to fruition. His partnership has been invaluable to me and my management team. I think the reason that Mark can work so effectively across so many areas is that he really delves into the company, understanding the culture, the personalities and the business challenges we face. He can apply that knowledge to a variety of situations. I would say that at many times we have considered him our “right arm.”