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What is Online Career Coaching and How Can It Enhance your Career?

Whether you’re seeking to change your occupation or to enhance your performance at your current job, career coaching may be exactly what you need to take your work life to the next level. Professional career coaches provide valuable feedback to those at all levels, whether they’re new to their position or executives looking to improve.

Since COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has changed the way that people do business, online career coaching is in high demand. If you’re … Read More

A Parent’s Guide to Working Remotely

Working Remotely Tips / For Parents

Your Space
Create designated spaces. Just like you have a designated work space – create spaces for your kids (e.g. school work space, craft space, play space, etc.) 

Supervise from a safe distance. Consider creating a play space that you can see/supervise from your work area. You can also try setting up an activity center in your home office so kids feel as if they have their own spot Read More

Feedback: The other ‘F’ word  

FFebruary is Feedback month at Strong Training and Executive Coaching in NYC! We’ll delve into all aspects of this ‘F’ word all month, so stay tuned!

Here’s the paradox of feedback: It’s the #1 thing managers fear the most and also the #1 thing employees crave. In a recent study by Zenger-Folkman, 94% of employees say constructive feedback improves their performance when presented well, and teams with managers who openly received feedback showed a Read More

How To Crush Challenges at Work in 2020

Employees have a lot on their hearts and minds going into 2020. At Strong executive coaching, we have a unique window into these challenges as we trained more than 2,000 creative industry professionals last year alone. From conflict to confidence and the looming threat of burnout, professionals will face three major obstacles this year, but there are simple and surprising ways to overcome them. Let’s get into it!


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Writing Inspirational Briefs

Breakthrough creative work starts with an inspiring brief. In this module of the in person or virtual coaching, we’ll review different types of briefs, break down the essential questions they should answer, and compare examples of what makes a great brief and what makes a bad one. We’ll look at real creative examples to understand the key briefing “ingredients” and teach tips and tricks to writing a solid brief that will set the stage for … Read More

Making Decisions Effectively

Decisions drive 95% of business performance, but we almost never think our decision-making ability as a skill that can be honed. We’ll review the inherent biases we all face, and antidotes to combat them.… Read More

Asking Better Questions

Questions are a powerful tool – they fuel innovation, unlock opportunities, mitigate risk, and help us sell more effectively. Sadly, nearly all of us never ask enough of them. We’ll review the three ways we can improve the quantity and quality of our questioning through types, sequence, and tone. Participants will hone their questioning skill through an interactive exercise.… Read More