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Embrace Career-Long Learning

What’s the secret to excelling in your industry and career? A dedication to professional and personal development through lifelong learning.

As a corporate trainer and executive coach, I’ve seen firsthand that the most successful people take responsibility for their own learning, dedicate time to it each week, and are naturally curious. By prioritizing and remaining committed to learning throughout their career—and ultimately their whole lives—these individuals rise to the top of their fields.

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Why Is DiSC So Popular

DiSC is an assessment tool that helps employees and managers understand their own working/management style, predict the styles of others, and learn how to adapt their styles for increased workplace effectiveness. Organizations can use DiSC assessments to help:

  • Improve communication and teamwork
  • Optimize performance and productivity
  • Deepen team bonds and effectiveness
  • Build camaraderie and understanding within groups and companies

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Launch for Leaders

Mark Strong Coaching & Training offers a highly original, engaging, and customized training experience called “Launch for Leaders.” Tailored to your organization’s specific needs and objectives, this unique 1.5-day management and leadership training course drives learning around key management competencies through interactive participation guided by a facilitator.

Sample modules covered in the course (depending on need) include:

  • Dealing with conflict
  • Goal- and vision-setting
  • Cultivating high-performing teams
  • Building a strong culture
  • Fostering employee engagement
  • Better understanding

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Stay in Today

Why is time going so quickly? As the year draws to a close, many people who I work
with as a life coach here in New York City are expressing dismay about the speed
at which the days fly by. It doesn’t help that it’s already dark before rush
hour! And our lengthening list of holiday to-dos adds to the sense of time

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Unclench And Let Go

As we enter the holiday season, stress can mount, and we may find ourselves falling back on habits that pull us down. One of those is clinging to unhealthy attachments.

Whether it’s negative thinking at work that keeps us from excelling and enjoying our job, a way of communicating to our colleagues that prevents true teamwork, or how we spend our off-hours that ensures we’re not at our best either professionally or personally, it can … Read More

Getting Healthier Physically

In a recent posting, we explored ways to identify areas for improvement in our lives. One of the areas that clients talk to me about during life coaching sessions is physical health.

Taking the time to take care of your physical needs though vital for your best performance might end up too frequently at the bottom of your to-do list. The reason? While you absolutely must get that report in by 5pm because your boss

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Look at Other People (and Situations) Simply as Teachers

When you encounter setbacks in life or find yourself face-to-face with challenging professional and personal
situations, it’s easy to feel discouraged. One antidote to losing heart is
finding a philosophy that you can apply to your experience every time you’re
disappointed with people or circumstances in your life, either in the office or at home.

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The Never-Ending To-Do List

If there’s one thing that most everyone I coach has in common, it’s a feeling of being too busy. Whether we’re in a job struggling to keep up with client demands while short-staffed, or if we’ve been laid off and are scrambling to apply and interview for new positions, or if we’re running our own business, we’re all short on time and long on to-dos.

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It’s Always Wrong to be Always Right

Leadership presents many conundrums. One of them involves the
style in which you choose to communicate your opinion and perspective to

On the one hand, if you’re in any type of management or
leadership role, you might feel it’s part of your job to be the one with all
the answers. You may fear that if you fail to at least project the image of
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Embrace Grace Under Pressure

 Through the past decade as an executive coach, career coach, and life coach helping people from all walks of life navigate professional and personal challenges, one thing is clear. No matter what problems we may face at any given moment, the sands always shift, taking us to a different place sooner or later. Life goes up and down continually regardless of our struggles to prevent this, bringing to mind the saying, Don’t push the river, … Read More