How to Find a Life Coach Online

Whether you’re at the beginning of your job or the height of your success, you have to put work into your career to continue progressing. You must show ingenuity, leadership, and motivation when facing challenges. For most, however, trailblazing a career without training or help from a mentor can seem overwhelming. That’s where a life or executive career coach comes in.

With COVID-19 (Coronavirus), you can now receive virtual coaching rather than in-person. Online coaching services will be the most effective if you find the right mentor for you. That comes down to knowing where to look, what to look for, and how to get your search started to find your perfect match. We have laid out everything you need to know when looking for executive life coaching in your area.

Search for Online Coaching Services

Your first search for a great life or career coach should begin online. Most coaches have easy to navigate websites detailing their range of services anywhere from strategic facilitation to team building. To find the best online coaching, start by looking for relevant keywords on Google. A simple search for “life coach online,” “virtual life coach,” or “best online life coaching” should lead to all options located in your area or with virtual services.

When seeking a life coach, everyone has different preferences. For some, the gender of their mentor plays a large role in the decision-making process. Often, many want a coach in the same geographical area as them. Keyword searches such as “life coaches for women,” “life coaches for men,” or “career coaches near me” can help find the right person for you.

Use LinkedIn and YouTube

Virtual life coaching services understand how important it is to provide information about themselves online through websites such as LinkedIn. Once you’ve found a career coach who interests you, look up their background to find out more about their history in the business and their areas of expertise.

A YouTube search can also teach you more about the particular career coach you’re considering hiring. Great life coaches typically provide various information about themselves, including videos that can teach you more about their coaching style, preferred communication method, and specialties.

Have an Open Discussion

Once you’ve found a potential life coach or a few contenders, start your relationship off on the right foot. Have an open and honest discussion about how you’d like to improve yourself, your organization, or your team. Be clear about what you believe to be your areas of weakness. You may need to talk about your most recent performance evaluation at work or problems you’ve had at home.

Not every exchange you have with your life coach needs to be difficult. However, the initial conversation can help establish expectations for your future professional relationship. Once you’ve stated upfront what you’re hoping to get out of the experience, your career coach can talk to you about the approach they will take to give you the support you need. Having these discussions with your top candidates can help you narrow your search until you’ve found the right coach for your personality and situation.

What Is an Online Life Coach?

An online life coach can take your career to the next level. By improving your confidence, your executive career coach will help you master difficult conversations at work, take advantage of opportunities as they arise, explore how to improve your productivity, and stand out to your employers. If you’re hoping to go into management, your online life coach can help you get there. If you’re already in management, your life coach will help cultivate your people skills and good judgment to ascend to the upper ranks of leadership.

Is Virtual Life Coaching as Effective as In-Person Coaching?

Many professionals wonder whether virtual or online life coaching is as effective as in-person coaching. In-person meetings are not an essential part of career coaching. For most people, career coaching comes down to a series of conversations and assignments geared toward personal growth. Think of your life coach as your tutor, teaching you the ways of the business world. In other words, virtual life coaching is as effective as in-person coaching. Your virtual life coach can help you become your best self at work and reach the next level in your career — all through online sessions.

Strong Training and Coaching Can Help

Online life coaching will help you grow your career and overcome perfectionism procrastination. Your mentor can teach you how to improve team morale, differentiate yourself as a leader, and excel in your career with confidence — even now that you’re working from home.

Strong Training and Coaching services can assist you in meeting your goals. To find out more about our professional team building  or coaching services, contact us today!