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Damon LaScot, PCC

Partner at Mark Strong Coaching, Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Professional Coach (IPEC), Energy Leadership Coach (IPEC)

Damon LaScot


Damon LaScot, PCC (Professional Certified Coach) has been an ICF (International Coach Federation) certified coach at the PCC level since 2006 and has been coaching executives, business owners, managers and sales teams professionally since 2001.  A native of New York City, Damon trained in, coached, and led programs in NYC at Landmark Education from 1991 to 2001 before studying at Relationship Technologies Inc. in gender based studies and human behavior from a biological perspective. For the last 7 years he has trained in emotional intelligence, an indispensable and invaluable element when it comes to today’s diverse corporate culture.  Damon’s dynamic style melds his insight, passion, and sense of humor into a powerful coaching/training experience!


Executive coaching helps corporate executives and business owners become more effective team, department and company leaders.  Getting to the next level of performance – whether in a climate of growth or contraction – is imperative for most leaders.  Good coaches routinely get more out of us than we would get out of ourselves; increased results in sales, profitability, productivity, etc..  Great coaches inspire us to transcend and transform our relationship to our circumstances and/or market trends.  They not only help us reach new heights in terms of results, but great coaches also empower us to acheive a sense of vitality, satisfaction, and fulfillment, while tending to reduce stress and anxiety levels commonly experienced in high pressure corporate environments.


Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults age 18 or older, about 18% of the U.S. population. (Source: NIMH) Whether social or performance related, anxiety can be crippling and even debilitating, let alone limiting to one’s personal or professional development. Using time tested emotional intelligence techniques, anxiety-specific exercises and training regimens, Damon offers a non-therapeutic, practical, yet empathetic approach to anxiety management.


Management is defined as “the process of dealing with and/or controlling things or people.” Achieving results ourselves is one thing, but managing others to achieve results is another thing entirely.  Being able to effectively inspire, motivate, and implement structure and strategy in others is not a “natural” skill set for most people.  Like anything, these skills generally require new information, techniques, and most importantly, training.  Training is key to most managers’ success and longevity, but this type of training is often not an in-house area of concentration for most companies.  Given the historically unparalleled diversity of our current culture, cross-generational management and emotional intelligence have never been more relevant than in today’s work place. Our Power Play Management and Millennial Management Training courses address these elements profoundly and dynamically! The more connected our team members feel to us – having the sense that we “get” them – the harder they tend to work and the more productive they tend to be.


“Within 3 months, my practice increased over 30%…With Damon’s coaching I started having more fun, more peace, and more clarity in all my personal issues.”
-Dr. MaryAnne Shiozawa, Chiropractor, NY, NY

“Damon has supported me in starting my own business and nearly doubling my 6 figure salary in one year!  I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for us and for me.” – Jennifer O., Brand Planning Director, NY, NY

“The result has been two promotions, a $70,000 salary increase and being named the youngest Executive Vice President in my company [one of the top 3 grossing ad agencies in the U.S.]!…I completed the highly difficult and tremendously rewarding process of coming out to my family…I am 4 years into a wildly satisfying relationship with a terrific guy who makes me laugh, love and learn every day – a relationship first for me – and we just made plans to tie the knot…I lost 30 pounds…And I finally gave alcohol the boot and have been sober 3 years…”  – M.S., Advertising, NY, NY

“My husband & I were headed for divorce…Thanks to Damon’s coaching we now have a strength and commitment we had never experienced before in our marriage…3 years later we are still together!” – D.R., Nashville, TN

“Damon’s coaching is very thorough and in-depth. He has incredible insight into how the human being operates on all levels. Also, he has incredible insight into the potential the human being can attain! Damon coaches and shares his knowledge and wisdom from the heart. He invests his soul into it. I can say that I was touched by his coaching and have implemented it into my life- the benefits have been enormous!” – Kirk Henry, President and Creative Director, Soma Creative Group, NY, NY

“Over my first 4 months working with Damon, I jumped out to being the top sales person in the company with bookings greater than the 2 other whole regions of the sales force and greater than the teammates in my region combined!”  – M.E., Tech Sales, Washington, DC

“My husband and I were ready for divorce…After my first coaching session with Damon, my husband & I had passionate, rip-your-clothes-off, emotionally charged sex everyday for a week…2 years later we’re happily married – amazing results!”  – S.G., Wife/Mother, NY

“Thanks to Damon’s business coaching, I ended up getting a 70% raise in salary.  Damon worked with me on my confidence…causing my personal ‘stock’ to skyrocket.  He is a master coach and motivator.  I would never have done this without him!”  – M.S., Investment Banking Contract Negotiator, NY, NY

“I am so grateful for the coaching you have provided.  You are truly gifted and your intuition blows me away.  It has changed my life forever.  Thank you Damon!” – P.P., Attorney, NY, NY

“Thanks to Damon I have a life I love and a relationship beyond my wildest dreams…I created a fun, loving, passionate, extraordinary relationship with the most amazing man….We have been together 5 years now, got married last year and are in the process of adopting our first child.  I recommend Damon’s coaching to EVERYONE without ANY reservation – he has absolutely changed my life.”  – Ligia Lamprea, Rye, NY

“I was building up the courage to ask for a divorce when I began working with Damon…I got my life and my marriage back!  Thanks to Damon’s coaching our lovemaking has gone from barely audible to “Honey, let’s wake up the neighbors!”  Also, my reIationship with my two sons is stronger than ever….I am eternally grateful for what Damon has given me and my family.”  – W.K., Musician/Arranger, Nashville, TN

“I’ve worked with many coaches in my life….Working with Damon has been an experience unlike any of the others.  His understanding of how to get me to produce incredible results continues to amaze me.  I am now routinely closing deals 10 times the size of those I did a year ago!”  – Ed B., Investment Banker, NY, NY

“Damon is brilliant.  He has his finger on the pulse of what we all are searching for…relationships in which everyone wins. I have learned volumes about what it takes to know myself as beautiful, sexy and powerful!” -April Biggs, Dancer, NY, NY

“It would not be an overstatement to say that Damon salvaged our relationship. My boyfriend and I went from the brink of splitting up to enjoying the best, most passionate and connected relationship we’ve each ever had….My work with Damon has utterly transformed the relationship that I have to my femininity and to myself…As a result of working with Damon, I have created the most amazing love relationship of my life, one in which I have everything I said I wanted…I am deeply grateful to him for the difference he has helped to generate in my life!”  – Jennifer O., Brand Planning Director, NY, NY

“Our investment with Damon over the past 12 months is paying huge dividends.  The partnership and sizzle that we felt when we first met 10 years ago has been rekindled and strengthened….Thank you!”  – M.E.  Washington, DC

“When my girlfriend and I began working with Damon we were at wit’s end and were breaking up about once a week.  Damon brilliantly choreographed a journey in which my girlfriend and I exercised who we were as man and woman and how that worked in our relationship.  We discovered how to satisfy our individual needs and desires while cherishing what we have together. That thrills and excites us!  We’ve been together now for three years since and we have lived together for almost 2 years!”  – Gary Rabinowitz, Dentist, NY, NY

“We had already broken up several times and were on the verge of repeating this pattern when we started working with Damon….Damon changed my life and relationship in ways that were not possible before. He brought a sense of peace, acceptance, growth and communication to my partner and myself that we could not find through any other means. His techniques are unique and successful. I would recommend him to anyone searching for a path that works!”  – name withheld by request, NY, NY

“Damon’s coaching has helped me greatly in my business as a Chiropractor.  When we first started to coach with Damon I must say that my partner and I were at wits end.  We many times had the idea of splitting our business up. With Damon’s coaching it got me to see where I was creating a lot of that and how I could transform that, which I did.  It also got me to understand women better.  Now my business partner and I have the most wonderful relationship, and our business has improved in every area. Thanks Damon!”  – Dr. Aatif Siddiqui, Chiropractor, NY, NY

“The coaching that Damon has provided me has proved invaluable.  His coaching is simple, direct, and effective.  I now make choices in my life that are empowering to me.   Damon coached me into the game of creating something extraordinary with a woman.  I was single when I started working with him, and now I have been in a relationship with an amazing woman for about one and a half years!  We’ve been living together for a year, and it is without a doubt, the finest experience I have ever had with a woman.  Damon knows how to design successful relationships and his insightfulness and stand for my happiness was pivotal in making this happen!”  – G.R., Educator, NY, NY

“Damon LaScot is an incredible coach.  Since taking him on I’m in a wonderful romantic relationship with an extraordinary, loving and beautiful woman.  I’m in top physical shape (just recently completed my first 1/2 Ironman triathlon).  I created a new business (developing and designing computer software for restaurants and hotels).  My acting career has reached new heights (landing a principal role on Law and Order) and I have more energy!  Damon supports me with ruthless compassion in achieving the things that I say I want for myself and my life.” – Peter Karlin, Consultant, NY, NY

“Damon’s a phenomenal coach.  His coaching got me out of my ‘depressed state’ and thinking I was hopeless in relationships. His coaching got me back into action, taking risks, and speaking up for what I feel and want, which is something I’d never do before.  I’m now in a relationship for the past 6 months, and it’s great. It’s way I want it to be.  Not a day goes by where I don’t apply Damon’s coaching.”  – JM, Business Owner, NY, NY

“I was a big “no” to a coach until I met Damon…Now I have a new job that I love AND a romantic relationship that is more fun and honest than I ever thought possible.  Damon has shown me how to have fun in every relationship I have – especially with myself!” -Amy T., Brand Mgr., NY, NY

“Damon’s generosity in being available in urgent situations was demonstrative of his interest in me experiencing my best life.  I am forever grateful! The biggest gift I got was learning to take responsibility for my experiences and to actually practice shifting from being upset and stopped to moving forward in spite of my dramas!” – Ginger Schultz, Consultant, NY, NY