How To Crush Challenges at Work in 2020

Employees have a lot on their hearts and minds going into 2020. At Strong executive coaching, we have a unique window into these challenges as we trained more than 2,000 creative industry professionals last year alone. From conflict to confidence and the looming threat of burnout, professionals will face three major obstacles this year, but there are simple and surprising ways to overcome them. Let’s get into it!


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Winning Mindset

Managers and leaders who understand and develop an optimistic, growth- oriented mindset are more likely to be effective in today’s environment. We’ll introduce relevant concepts from positive/performance psychology, as well as looks at ways to develop more beneficial patterns of thought.… Read More

Taking Ownership

Untethered to the rhythm and rituals of the office, some may struggle staying engaged and energized by their work. We’ll look at the difference between a mindset of “I’m just doing my job” vs. “I’m taking ownership…” and participants will reflect on the current state of ownership in their work and how they might strengthen it.… Read More

Professional Resilience

Modern work is ever more demanding, often outstripping the unprepared employee’s ability to keep pace, let alone grow from the challenges they face. The make-or-break skill today’s employees need the most is resilience – a foundational skill that makes all other skills easier to master. In this module, we’ll examine the definition and determinants of resilience, and look at powerful ways employees can build their resilience, helping them to shift out of surviving to thriving.… Read More


In this module of both our in person and virtual employee training, we’ll uncover the reasons why networking is such a critical skill to master. We’ll learn tips and tricks to ease our nerves and make networking second nature, utilize tools for managing our reputation, AKA our “personal brand”, and complete a Networking Map. Lastly, we’ll dive into the who, when, and where of networking and put our newly learned skills into practice so the … Read More

Motivating Meaningfully

Individuals and teams are motivated by different things. We take a wide view of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators (fame, accomplishment, access, purpose, connection, etc.) and determine what motivates ourselves and others.… Read More

Managing Time

Very few of us feel as if we have enough time – but as it turns out, we all have enough – we just aren’t managing it well. We look at the four drivers of time management: managing priorities, energy, attention and tools. In each area we cover tips and tricks to master that area.… Read More

Can Going Backward Move You Forward?

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Making Change Work For You

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Should You Come Out at Work?

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