Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: 5 Tips to Success

Most of us are looking at our calendars right about now wondering how 2020 is almost here already. There’s a lot to accomplish by then, so chances are you haven’t spent much time thinking about goals and resolutions just yet. Never fear, Strong executive coaches have a few for you to consider that can put you ahead of the game next year.

In 2016, the World Economic Forum predicted emotional intelligence to be a top Read More

Employee Stress is Rising and Wellness Weeks Aren’t The Answer

It’s no secret employees today are under rising pressure to do more with less. According to the American Institute of Stress — yes, there is such a thing — 75% of employees believe job pressures are increasing. Maybe that explains the growing trend of companies offering “wellness” perks to their employees. You know the gist:  office meditation rooms, 10-minute chair massages, and of course the infamous semiannual “Wellness Week.”

Spoiler alert: Wellness Weeks aren’t really Read More