How to Support Mental Health in the Workspace?

Normalizing mental health is a top priority for many companies. From offering paid absences or “mental health days,” to supporting employees with in-house counseling services, there are a variety of ways that businesses can support mental health in the workplace. It’s critical to empower your employees through these initiatives for a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment.

As a manager, you know how important it is to prioritize employee wellness to maximize retention and promote a positive workplace. Knowing how to empower others in the workplace and keep employee morale high is key to promoting good mental health among staff members. From the experts at Strong Training & Coaching, here are a few ways you can support mental health at work.

Model Healthy Work and Life Balance Behaviors

Show your employees how to maintain a good work and life balance to promote positive mental health in and outside of the office. Take lunches, work reasonable hours, and take time to converse or check in with staff. This demonstrates that you take the work/life balance seriously, and permit your staff to do the same.

Stay Connected Through Regular Check-Ins

Supporting mental health at work requires checking in on your team members, formally and informally, in large groups and in small. Conduct regular check-ins with team members to stay informed about challenges that your employees are currently experiencing. This also gives you a chance to mitigate problems before they become unmanageable.

The more you check in with your staff, the more they’ll become comfortable communicating their needs and any challenges that are inhibiting their ability to perform. This builds a professional relationship of trust and transparency, which is good for you and good for your staff.

Educate Employees About Benefits and Assistance Programs

Your company may offer benefits and assistance programs that employees are unaware of. Take time to educate your staff about any programs that promote good mental health.

Maybe your company pays for complimentary therapy sessions, or perhaps your insurance benefits offer counseling and wellness programs. Whatever the case, send out regular email blasts to your staff to alert them to these benefits. Keep employees up to date on any changes to benefits that could open up new doors for wellness and good mental health.

Maintain a Company Wellness Committee

Wellness committees play a big role in mental and physical health around the office, and companies of all sizes can benefit from this. If your company currently has a committee of this nature, commit to dedicating more resources to help them take on bigger, higher-impact projects. If your company does not have a wellness committee, put together a simple plan and team to get started.

Arrange for Wellness Lunches

Make arrangements for working lunches with mental health or company benefits experts, and any other professionals who can:

  • Discuss the importance of maintaining good mental health and wellness.
  • Provide staff advice to help staff support mental health in the workplace.
  • Discuss mental health-related benefits available to employees.

Take Care Of Yourself and Your Staff

Ultimately, you have to prioritize taking care of yourself and your staff. Check in with your feelings regularly, and find someone you can speak with about issues you might be experiencing.

As a manager, your job is demanding and you have a lot of responsibility on your plate. If you feel at any time your position is compromising your mental health, take the time to address and manage your stress.

Work With a Trained Executive Coach

Promoting good mental health and workforce empowerment starts with creating a culture of wellness. Sometimes this requires a significant shift in thinking among management and top-level executives.

At Strong Training & Coaching, our executive coaches can help with this type of cultural shift. Contact our team to make an appointment for a consultation, and get started with our executive coaching services.