What Are Five Characteristics of a Good Employee?

When it comes to giving credit where credit is due, identifying employees who are performing well is essential. Giving positive feedback and showing your employees that you value their work and recognize their success is essential to retention. Being able to identify a great employee also aids employers in streamlining their hiring process.

But what are the traits of a good employee? From the experts at Strong Training & Coaching, here are the five characteristics we believe indicate good employee performance, to help leaders understand who in their office deserves a promotion. If you’re a manager at a company or a leader of an organization, here’s exactly what to look for (and cultivate) in employees.

Honesty and Integrity

An honest employee is one that you can trust. When they say they’ll do something, they do it. If an issue arises, they’re the first to be honest about the part they played.

These employees are willing to speak their minds when it’s important, rather than telling you what they think you want to hear. They’re upfront and unafraid to be truthful about their feelings and actions, which is critical to resolving issues and establishing trust in the workspace.

You also don’t have to question what they’re telling you. Managers can drive themselves crazy wondering if employees are doing honest work, rather than taking advantage of the system. An honest employee is someone that you can trust to do their work with integrity and provide trustworthy reports.


A reliable employee is someone who does the work that they’ve been asked to complete without their manager following up and repeatedly having to ask them to get it done. A reliable employee saves their manager time and saves the company money by simply doing the work they’ve been asked to do – and they do it every time.


Ambitious employees are those who want to perform above and beyond their colleagues. These employees strive to do better, learn more, and take on a heavier workload. Ambitious employees work more independently and, often, serve as a voice for their peers. These employees are leaders in the making. They often give more than 100% and that makes them more productive, more reliable, and more valuable to their team and company.

These employees expect to be promoted for their good work, and if not promoted into opportunities that they strive to attain, they may burn out or become frustrated. These employees benefit greatly from training opportunities, as they often absorb training and use this to improve their performance.

Problem Solving Skills

Employees who rely on their managers to solve basic problems can take up a disproportionate amount of their manager’s time. A good employee will be able to solve basic, everyday issues on their own without coming to their manager for support.

Emotional Intelligence

An employee who lacks emotional intelligence is someone who may struggle to get along with peers and coworkers. Emotional intelligence allows an employee to smooth out struggles between themselves and other people in the workplace, and that saves time for you as a manager or leader.

Learn to Promote These Five Characteristics; Work With an Executive Coach!

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