Interview Tips for Introverts

Interviews are stressful for anyone, but they can be especially daunting for introverts. People with quiet personalities can easily become uncomfortable when talking about themselves to an unfamiliar person. If this sounds like you, don’t let your shyness get in the way of a new job or opportunity.

You’re going to want to know how an introvert can interview well. By overcoming your reservations about talking to others and preparing for your upcoming interview, you can present yourself in a professional and polished way. Here’s how.

Prepare for Your Interview

The more prepared you are for your upcoming interview, the easier it will be. These steps can help you enter the interview with confidence.

Study the Job Description

You were likely provided a job description when you applied for the job. Study it thoroughly. As you read through the job description, highlight portions of it that overlap with your experiences. For example, if the position requires management experience, relate it to when you managed a project or took a leadership role at an event. Next, practice talking about how this experience relates to the duties in the job you’re applying for. Talk in the mirror or just out loud to yourself. Be familiar with what you are going to say.

Know the Company Inside and Out

Knowing about the company that you’re applying to shows that you’re invested and that you care about the job. If you can talk about the company with confidence, this also shows that you’re organized and have good preparation skills. This will be to your advantage, so take steps before the interview to study up on the company’s history, mission, goals, size, products, and more.

Prepare Questions in Advance

You must have questions about the job. Know what those questions are, and be prepared to ask them during the interview. Being prepared will show that you’re engaged and want to know more. In addition, it shows that you’re forward-thinking regarding the outcome of the interview.

Practice Interviewing

Get used to talking about yourself by brushing up on your interview skills. If you’re working with a career coach, they can hold a mock interview for you by asking questions that you would receive.

If your interview takes place virtually, you should practice in a virtual environment. Set up a clean, organized background too. The interviewer will be looking into your home, so make a good impression.

You can also record the mock interview from your computer. When it’s over, review it and find aspects to improve. Specifically, notice details such as the way you’re sitting in the chair, whether you’re making eye contact with the camera, if you appear comfortable and confident, and whether you’re smiling enough for the audience. This will help you make adjustments to your actual interview later.

Get Comfortable With the Space

Of course, you’ll want to be comfortable with virtual interviews when you’re performing an interview by Zoom or another online platform. Make a note of the platform being used for the interview. If you’ve never used that software before, make a point of trying it before your interview.

If your interview is in person, know the location of the building, parking lot, and street. You can even go for a test drive the day before, so you know how long it takes to get there and where you need to be.

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