Writing Persuasive Content

We take a close look at both the tangibles (story, structure, design) and intangibles (clarity, memorability, and simplicity) of persuasive content. We share a step-by-step process for writing compelling presentations, as well as tips and tricks to keep in mind.… Read More

Understanding The Pre and Post Sell

Many of us focus our efforts on “in the moment” tactics and techniques, but in this module, we’ll focus on pre- and post- sell strategies that are just as critical in closing a deal. We’ll discuss how to create the right environment, seven principles of “pre-suasion” and what to do when the pitch is over.… Read More

Understanding Adapting To Potential Buyers

Pitch chemistry is driven by a search for similarity – people who “sync” with us. In order to more powerfully understand similarities and differences, we use the DiSC for Sales profile. We’ll begin with an introduction of DiSC and review participant’s own style. We then look at ways to profile clients (including ones you haven’t met) and most importantly: how to adapt our pitches based on their style.… Read More

Total Solutions Selling Practice

Many organizations require that salespeople sell complex solutions to client needs. This module is highly tailored to each client and involves the development of specific approaches to combining different offerings into magnetic sales packages. Participants then practice selling to each other using pre-determined sales situations.… Read More

Selling Transformational Ideas

In this module of our in person or online employee coaching training program, we review a comprehensive process for selling more successfully, including how to get smart about your buyers as people, giving and receiving feedback, meeting preparation, presenting effectively and managing the post-sell. (For best results we recommend administering the DiSC assessment prior to the course).… Read More

The Power Of Language

The words we use in selling determine if we’re able to build rapport, get a prospect to open up, and present solutions in a way that connects us to the buyer. In this module, we review how to use language to your advantage and discuss tools, such as reframing, to get the outcome you want.… Read More


Successful selling requires mastery of negotiation skills. We’ll examine the different mindsets in our in person and virtual coaching required for successful negotiation, how to prepare, common strategies used during negotiations, and finally practice with a real negotiation to employ what we’ve learned.… Read More

Driving Organic Growth

Sniffing out opportunities and securing new business from existing clients is one of the key ways in which we drive growth. In this module, we explore key principles of organic growth and how to deepen key relationships to uncover new opportunities. Additionally, each participant will leave with a list of new ideas to pursue with a current client.… Read More

Developing POVS and Defending Work

In this module, we teach the basic framework for developing powerful points of view on our work or on a business issue. We’ll learn the three key elements of defending an idea: tone, time, and tenacity. We’ll review practical tips and tricks you can use in your next presentation or sales conversation to defend without getting defensive and move your clients to a “yes”.… Read More

Contextual Listening

In this module of in person or virtual coaching, we discuss the importance of listening with our eyes as well as our ears. We’ll learn what cues to look for while having sales conversations, what they mean, and how to adapt to them in order to keep moving closer to closing.… Read More