Strategic Planning Facilitation is a critical (but commonly overlooked) skill that helps us guide others in generating ideas, opinions, experiences, and expertise to achieve a common goal. In this session, we’ll review the key principles of quality facilitation, the characteristics and competencies of strong facilitators, and how to adapt to an audience.

We’ll share the rules of engagement for successful facilitation, distinguish between the process and the content of a session, and cover do’s and … Read More


Hybrid work has given employees greater flexibility and independence, but are they empowered to be proactive and make good decisions? In this module, we introduce and deconstruct empowerment leadership into tangible practices. Learn how to balance authenticity, logic, and empathy to establish trust, show your love by helping people reach their highest potential, and cultivate a sense of belonging by embracing each individual’s unique strengths.… Read More


We cover why delegation is hard, why it’s important and a suggested model to use when delegation can be used as a development opportunity. We complete a powerful exercise that forces participants to delegate things on their to-do lists to people up, down, and around.… Read More


Coaching always has and always will be a critical competency for managers and leaders across industries and teams. As we continue to navigate evolved workplaces, many of us are learning how to make sure our teams feel supported with coaching in a virtual environment. We’ll discuss what it takes to make the shift from managing to coaching while team members are virtual. We’ll share a coaching model that managers can use (in-person or virtually) to … Read More