Talent is our most critical asset – so the ability to interview well is a critical skill, particularly during times of big transition. In this module, we’ll cover how to optimize interviews for the best candidate experience. We’ll also do a deep dive on developing competencies, asking behavioral interview questions, and discussing the importance of probing to help identify the best talent quickly.

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There’s a major difference between doing a job and taking ownership. In this session, we discuss what it means to take ownership and embrace accountability in your role and on your projects, and more importantly, how to make it happen. We will get clear and specific about the five areas of accountability – expectations, capabilities, measurement, feedback, and consequences – and how they must work together as a system. Each participant will complete their assessment … Read More


Theories of motivation have been around for decades, but our new hybrid world requires a refresh. In this module, leaders will learn how to help their teams build autonomy, mastery, and purpose in challenging environments and how to authentically and intentionally use recognition and rewards to inspire their people to do their best.… Read More


There are numerous skills involved in managing up. We’ll review the top 20 to determine which ones we’ve already mastered, and which ones we need to focus on. We’ll discuss the unspoken skills that are commonly overlooked, learn the four management styles, and lastly put ourselves in our manager’s shoes through a series of exercises not just to better understand them, but how to improve communication and ways of working with them.… Read More


We’ll look at why performance management is so important and the role it plays in an organization’s “bigger picture” and driving things like development, growth, motivation, productivity, and overall success. We’ll clarify the roles of managers and employees in the process, and discuss and practice goal-setting.

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In this module, we’ll teach three steps to prepare for promotion discussions with employees, share tools to help determine if they’re ready for a promotion and discuss how to handle difficult conversations around promotions.… Read More


In this module, we draw on the DiSC model to learn about the four different styles: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. We examine how the approach to successfully managing each style is different and look at the priorities, motivations, fears, and limitations of each style.

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Decisions drive 95% of business performance, but we rarely think of our decision-making ability as a skill that can be honed. We’ll discuss challenges, inherent biases, and the critical thinking process we all go through when making decisions. We’ll learn how to navigate decision-making with more ease, speed, conviction, and most importantly – confidence.… Read More


Inefficient meetings are increasingly common and yet most companies don’t confront the issue in a compelling and enterprise way. This module covers the tenets of successful meeting preparation, leadership, and follow-up as well as tips and tricks to enhance meeting culture at the individual, team, and organization levels.
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We cover nine strategies to influence others without authority including favor, silent allies, reason, and more. There is an exercise to choose which strategies would be right for a current situation.

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