Strategy Bootcamp

“Strategic” is a word that gets thrown about as much as “transformation” or “collaborative” or even “creative” in business today. And there seems to be more people professing strategy as their profession than ever before. But the truth is, we’re all expected to be strategic these days, whether or not it says so on our business cards. In this highly interactive course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of strategic thinking. Using a provided case, teams will … Read More

Business Leadership Bootcamp

To be successful in today’s rapidly changing and competitive world – with more demanding clients, the shift to increasingly more project work, and what always feels like less time/money – business leaders must increasingly become more agile and strategic. This highly interactive course is for anyone in Account Management or Business Leadership roles and covers critical topics relating to mastering the business, the client, the creative output, and the people who make it all happen.… Read More

The Strong Salesperson

Most of us don’t like to use the word sales. We’ll call it “organic growth”, “business development” or a “presentation.” Yet the greatest tragedy are all the amazing strategies and ideas that die not because people don’t “buy” them – but because we failed to sell them. And every time we fail to sell it hurts both profit margin and portfolios, and ultimately compensation. In this highly interactive course, you’ll learn the full art of … Read More

The Strong Presenter

It doesn’t matter how great a strategy or idea is if it’s not presented in a way that’s both clear and compelling. All too often we don’t pay enough attention to how we present even though it’s one of the most crucial skills in our business. In this highly interactive in person or virtual coaching course, we’ll review and apply strategies to optimize all components of successful presentation development and delivery. This course is for … Read More

The Strong Manager

Management is a complex set of skills and competencies. But all too often, we give people the title and just expect them to be great at it. The truth is people don’t magically become great managers – it takes focus, skill and training. During this highly interactive one day course, we will review core strategies and tools for all aspects of management – from delegation and communication to motivation and influence. This course can be … Read More

The Strong Leader

All great leaders evolved from great managers – but not every great manager becomes a great leader. In this highly interactive one day course, participants will learn what their leadership style is and how to best apply that to their work. We’ll cover all the key skills of leading, from the practical, tangible aspects to the elusive “X factor” that are the hallmark of truly great leaders. This course is ideal for mid-level employees who … Read More