Personal Branding

In this module of in person or virtual coaching we examine what it means to have a personal brand, the key elements that determine it, and how to ensure that you build a positive one. Participants will briefly articulate their vision for their own personal brand. … Read More

Managing Employees Through Promotions

In this module of our in person and online employee coaching, we’ll teach three steps to prepare for promotion discussions with employees, share tools to help determine if they’re ready for a promotion, and discuss how to handle difficult conversations around promotions. … Read More

Getting Promoted

Getting promoted doesn’t just happen as time goes by – it takes focused effort. We’ll look at eight strategies and key actions for getting promoted, including managing your personal brand, influencing management, and figuring out politics.… Read More

Earning Your Way Into The Room

Getting invited into the meetings that matter doesn’t happen without first earning your way into the room. We’ll cover 15 different strategies you can use to ensure to increase your chances of getting the invitations that will make a difference in your career.… Read More