The 5 Most Common Questions About Team-Building Programs

Team building doesn’t have to be trite or uncomfortable (think trust falls). Instead, when presented in a fresh style that truly engages employees and makes them want to participate, team-building programs can catapult new teams to success while optimizing already highly performing teams.

Here are the five most common questions that we get asked about our team-building programs at Mark Strong Coaching & Training:

How can teams learn how to work together better?

Our licensed trainers and facilitators use DiSC work style training and other team development tools to help teams learn more about their own work styles, how to predict the styles of others, and how to adapt to build successful team dynamics. These tools can help deepen the effectiveness and bond between new or established teams.

How can teams determine what’s working/not working?

Working with our trainers and coaches using team development tools like The Five Dysfunctions of a Team can help measure a team’s health around trust, conflict, accountability, commitment, and results. When guided by our facilitators at Mark Strong Coaching & Training, these highly effective tools can help managers and employees alike ideate and strategize around what they’re doing optimally and what needs improvement, using the results to build high-performing teams.

What role does location play?

We believe the venue plays a large role in the ultimate success of our team-building programs. Our exciting offsite locations like MEET on Chrystie and Atlantic Theater Company help optimize successful group meetings by getting leaders out of the office and into a creative environment.

What’s different about Mark Strong Coaching & Training’s approach to team building?

We take a highly creative approach to all of our employee training programs, including team building. Our programs are highly engaging and customized, with a relentless focus on delivering the tools and strategies that participants can start using immediately to improve their team-building skills and optimize their performance.

What’s MSC’s facilitation style for team-building programs?

Our world-class facilitators strike the perfect balanced between strategic, supportive, serious, and fun. Each facilitator on our team is expertly skilled at guiding teams to solve their unique challenges, helping them deepen their bonds and effectiveness across the board.