What Is an Executive Coach?

An executive coach is someone who helps career professionals become better leaders in the workplace. They help their clients develop and nurture highly functioning executive teams, successively deal with management issues in real-time, control their work-life balance, create stress management plans, and more. Executive coaches also provide services that can benefit organizations and improve team performance. A fantastic executive career coach advises on facilitating strategic planning and helping professionals develop their ability to make an impact on their organization.

If you’re an executive who wants to become a leader everyone wants to follow, take a closer look at how Strong Training and Coaching can help.

How Do Executive Coaches Help? 

Executive coaches assist professionals in a variety of ways based on their goals, experience, and industry.

Clarify Goals

Setting personal objectives can help you work towards strengthening your executive presence and reputation. Your executive coach will work with you to build out a realistic timeline and provide you with actionable tools to reach your goals.

Establish Career Development Milestones

Career development milestones help you see that you’re making progress toward your goals. Milestones are like measurements of success for a career professional. Working with an executive coach, you’ll establish personal milestones to reach your career goals.

Act as a Sounding Board

Some individuals need experts to talk to develop their ideas and make them a reality. Your career coach can be a sounding board that will provide you with suggestions and ideas to enhance your performance in the workplace.

Provide Feedback

They say that the higher you go on the corporate ladder, the fewer people will provide honest feedback about your performance. Your career coach is one of the few people who will give honest assessments to help you understand what you’re doing right and what you could improve on.

Coaches also see your performance from an outside perspective, making it easier for them to evaluate how you’re doing in the workplace. Great feedback is the foundation of growth and development, so it’s critical for an executive life coach in NYC to provide it.

Problem Solving Assistance

Your career coach can help you solve workplace problems to enhance your own and your team’s performance. The more time you invest in working with your career coach the more familiar they’ll be with your processes and the easier it will be for them to help you solve problems.

How to Find an Executive Coach?

It’s important to find the right executive coach. How do you do that? Start by:

  • Shopping around. Talking to as many professionals as possible will help you choose the right career coach for your needs. The more career coaches you connect with, the easier it will be to decide which characteristics matter.
  • Having a good conversation before signing on. Interview each potential career coach. When you’re having this conversation, ask yourself whether you connect with the person you’re talking to. Are they listening to your needs? Do you feel like you could confide in this person?
  • Asking questions. Ask your potential career coaches questions about the services they offer, how they build trust with their clients, and how many people they’ve helped in the past. Some career coaches may have specialties — ask about these as well!
  • Trusting your instincts. When you meet the right career coach, you’ll probably feel good about your rapport with that person, even before you’ve had a chance to develop a close relationship. Trust your instincts and choose a career coach you can trust.

Strong Training and Coaching Executive Coaching NYC

At Strong Training and Coaching, we provide our clients with world-class executive career coaching services that are highly magnetic and results-oriented. Our executive career coaches help you strengthen your executive presence, increase your influence, and become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. Ready to get started? Contact our team today!