How to Improve Your Interview Skills

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, improving your interview skills can ensure that you’ll be successful in your search. Performing well in an interview is the first step to getting the job you’ve worked so hard for.

There are many things you can do to set yourself up for a good interview. The following tips will help you fine-tune your skills to reach the next step in your career.

Review the Job Description

Make a habit of familiarizing yourself with the job that you’re applying for. Review the description thoroughly prior to the interview, so that the information will be accessible in your mind throughout the preparation process. Also, highlight parts of the description that specifically relate to your experience, and prepare what you will say during your interview.

Practice Talking About Yourself

Practice several elevator pitches about different aspects of your experience in the job market for your interview. Talk about these experiences over and over – in the mirror, while driving, or when talking to friends and relatives. Perfect the way you tell your story. Your career coach can help you practice these speeches.

Choose the Right Background

Now that so many interviews are conducted virtually, be prepared to have a professional background set up. Make sure your background is a different color to your clothing. You don’t want to blend in and look like a green screen gone wrong. Try to keep your background clean and tidy too. You want to present yourself as organized as possible for your potential future employers.

Watch a Recording

Make a recording of yourself as you prepare for your upcoming interview. Practice your stump speeches in front of a camera, and pretend that you’re speaking at an interview. Watch the recording and evaluate your performance in the “interview.” How was your posture? Did you smile enough or too much? Did you make adequate “eye contact” with the camera? Did you sound confident?

Once you’ve evaluated your performance, note the changes you’d like to make and then make a new recording to see how your performance improves.

Write a List of Questions and Answers

Interviewers will ask a variety of questions, but some appear more often than others. Write down these commonly-asked questions and prepare your answers. Be ready to talk about 5-10 different projects and scenarios. Having a wide selection of topics to talk about will demonstrate your versatility and breadth of experience.

Go Over Your Interview With Your Career Coach

Your career coach can help you improve your interviewing techniques and discuss interview etiquette. If you’re seeking interview training or want to know how to improve your interview skills, visit Strong Training and Coaching for premier career coaching and training. Contact us for more insight on how to ace your interview!