Frank Macri CPC

Frank Macri, CPC

Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.)

Frank Macri


Frank Macri, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, is a Leadership Development Coach and Trainer dedicated to supporting organizations and individuals on achieving their highest level of performance excellence. Frank is a recognized trainer, coach and speaker in the areas of diversity and inclusion, interpersonal communication and organizational change. Frank specializes in working with mid-level management, leaders and executives of diverse teams looking to expand their levels of engagement, communication and leadership.

Frank is also a Lead Trainer for the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) where he supports students looking to become expert coaches, thriving business owners and influential leaders in their organizations. As an iPEC graduate himself, Frank is certified to administer the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), a unique assessment designed to reveal how one’s attitudes, perceptions and beliefs shape one’s leadership style. Frank integrates the ELI in his work with individuals to maximize the potential of a business and create lasting success.

Frank delivers assessments, presentations, coaching and in-house training that is personalized to meet an individual company’s desires and goals. Some of the topics include:
– Communication Strategies for Influential Leaders
– Creating Synergy and Success for Multicultural Teams
– Empowering and Engaging Millennials at Work
– Public Speaking: Sharing Your Story With Power and Presence
– Inspiring Confidence and Courage for LGBT Leadership

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Unbelievable presence for someone so young. Frank keeps the group connected through his incredible teaching skills, humor, warmth and open heart. I would attend any course that Frank was involved in teaching.

Frank is super fun and has great energy. It is refreshing to have such a transparent trainer that really owns who he is.

Frank kept things lively and perfectly struck the balance between being serious and cracking jokes.

Great sense of humor – all in all a perfect trainer.

Frank’s delivery was authentic and precise. He is a great example of walking the talk.

Frank was able to address anything that came up in the training with respect and turn it into a learning experience for everyone.

Frank has the ability to connect with people easily and gain their trust.

Frank is always upbeat, listens amazingly well and models an image of a leader for all of us to aspire to. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a better trainer.

Frank is just a stellar instructor, plain and simple. His listening skills are sharp, consistent and spot-on. I learn well with Frank at the head of the room.

Frank has amazing energy and passion for helping others.

Frank was very approachable and likable. I loved his energy and professionalism and totally felt connected to him.

For someone so young, he was remarkable.

Frank was an extremely energetic, fun, authentic and well-informed trainer. He uses great examples from his own life which really helped contextualize the strategies we were learning.

I really wish I could nitpick and provide an area for Frank to improve, but I would be lying. He needs to keep on doing what he’s doing!

What really stands out is Frank’s ability to create a true learning community and a very safe space for us to be vulnerable. His energy is infectious.

I am a tough critic, but Frank did an amazing job. He was so connected and did a great job making a safe and positive environment.

Frank creates a respectful, engaging and safe container that makes it easy to show up and learn.