Profiling Audiences

Using the DiSC model as our foundation, we explore the preferences different styles have in terms of how they take in information and make decisions – and importantly how we adjust our presentations accordingly. (For best results we recommend administering the DiSC assessment prior to the course).… Read More

Presentation Critique

Employees are often called upon to offer input on others’ presentations. To make that input more effective, we look at the core elements of presentation: context, content and delivery. We review tips and tricks when offering feedback, such as distinguishing between criticism and critique, the importance of finding genuine strengths, and how to meaningfully prioritize feedback. Participants are given multiple chances to practice throughout.… Read More

Planning For Objections and Q&A

It’s been said that answering questions is the most important career skill to master in 2019, and as many of us have learned firsthand, great ideas can die in Q&A. In this module, we’ll learn the four fundamentals of fielding questions with confidence, tips for taking Q&A as a team, and how to rehearse for Q&A to close a deal.… Read More

Delivering Powerfully

A majority of people fear public speaking even more than death. We assuage that fear by looking at the elements of persuasive delivery, including voice, gestures, image, confidence, and authenticity. We pay special attention to nerves and how to manage them and make that energy work for rather than against you.… Read More