Everyone who sells has the opportunity to optimize their skills around more advanced selling strategies. Using the DiSC model as a foundation, this module is focused on helping you understand the priorities that shape your sales experience, identifying your personal sales strengths and challenges, and recognizing and adapting to different buying styles.

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In this module, we review a comprehensive process for selling more successfully, including how to get smart about your buyers as people, meeting preparation, presenting effectively, and managing the post-sell.

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As with everything in our world, the world of sales specifically is undergoing constant, rapid evolutions. There are pros and cons to this because we have many ways to get in contact with prospects, but it’s getting harder and harder to meaningfully engage. In this module, we’ll uncover and bring clarity to the complexities of prospecting and networking. We’ll look at the three biggest challenges you will face in prospecting and networking (breaking through, getting … Read More


No one likes to hear objections, but the reality is successful sales have two times more objections than unsuccessful ones. In this module, we will face our fear of objections head-on to better understand what they mean and where they stem from: need, value, features, and desires. We’ll learn a process for preparing for objections and review six data-backed tips for handling them like a pro — so next time we’re faced with an objection … Read More


Negotiating skills are invaluable in the world of selling and many others aspects of work — and life. In this module, we learn the Harvard Model of Principled Negotiations covering the four principles present in every successful negotiation: understanding the people, understanding their interests, developing creative solutions, and finding ways to agree. We’ll review many skills and tactics like perspective taking, preparing a BATNA, and applying the LIM model to actual negotiations, so you’ll be … Read More


Studies show that high EQ scores have a significant correlation to job performance, especially when it comes to those in sales roles. Salespeople with high EQ are more resilient, are better at building trust, and are more able to create strong emotional connections — thus improving their sales outcomes. In this module, we’ll uncover the cognitive processes buyers go through and the role their emotions play when they make decisions. We’ll learn an EQ framework … Read More


When seeking new drivers of growth and revenue, we often spend our time focused on prospecting and bringing in new business when the reality is it’s usually more profitable, more efficient, and frankly just easier to sell to our existing clients and customers. In this module, we explore organic growth and uncover the often overlooked opportunities right in front of us – we’ll discuss where to look for them, what form they take, and six … Read More


We teach a framework for developing powerful points of view on our work or a business issue. We’ll learn the three key elements of defending an idea: tone, time, and tenacity, and review practical tips and tricks you can use in your next presentation or sales conversation to defend without getting defensive and move your clients to a “yes”.

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Listening is not simply an action we perform by using our ears. It’s a full-body experience and a critical thinking skill. In this module, we’ll touch on the three levels of listening: passive, active, and contextual, but we’ll pay special focus to what it means to listen contextually – to what’s not being said. We’ll uncover what cues to look for while having sales conversations. We’ll learn what they mean and how to adapt to … Read More


In this module, we explore what it is that sets consultative sellers apart from traditional salespeople. We’ll look at how consultative sellers approach and view buyers, how they present solutions, how they engage and communicate, and how they focus on relationships and partnerships. We’ll cover the four key aspects of consultative selling, including doing the research, building rapport, focusing on the relationship, and keeping it real. We’ll utilize many tools and frameworks such as our … Read More