Driving Results

In this module, we review the critical drivers of results — including momentum (being driven and initiating), structure (being deliberate and analyzing in depth) and feedback (addressing problems and offering more praise).… Read More

Collaborating Powerfully

We cover the principles and behaviors required to build inclusive and collaborative relationships and teams. After taking a brief assessment to determine how collaborative each participant is, we will also cover the 10 collaboration killers such as hoarding, “not invented here”, ego and more.… Read More

Coaching Employees

We share a coaching model that managers can use to get employees from their current reality to their intended goal. We cover core coaching strategies including intent, word choice, and trust. We end with live coaching practice in pairs.… Read More

Building Trust

Trust is the foundation for every relationship, every communication, every project, every business venture, and every effort in which we are engaged. In this module, we’ll discuss how to build and strengthen trust within your team to develop better connections, enhance performance, and improve loyalty and engagement.… Read More