People who understand and develop an optimistic, growth-oriented mindset are more likely to be effective and successful in today’s environment. We’ll introduce relevant concepts from positive performance psychology, look at ways to develop more beneficial patterns of thought, and learn a long-term approach to developing a winning mindset.

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In this session, we’ll learn the essentials of working and succeeding in a virtual environment. From establishing routines, setting boundaries, and communicating to managing expectations, building trust, and collaborating, you will gain new insight into optimized and evolved ways of working.

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It’s proven that successful people set clear, actionable goals – but there is an art to it and it takes practice. In this module, we’ll introduce the “smart” goals principle and provide tips and tools to set crushable goals for ourselves as well as those we manage.

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We’ll introduce the concept and best practices of self-reflection. We’ll discuss why self-reflection is critical for enriched emotional self-awareness and intelligence, empathy development, growth, and improved performance management processes. We’ll introduce a variety of tools that can be used daily and monthly, to better understand who you are and define a vision of who you want to be.

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There is nothing easy about building resilience; in fact, it’s inherently challenging. Resilience is learning how tough you are by living through adversity and growing from it. In this module, we introduce the three C’s of resilience: Challenge, Commitment, and Control. Learn how to grow your own and your team’s resilience by shifting your mindset to reframe challenges, develop a relentless solution focus, and broaden your influence to expand your locus of control.

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Very few of us feel as if we have enough time – but as it turns out, we all have enough – we just aren’t managing it well. And guess what… the key to managing your time better is realizing that it has nothing to do with time itself. We look at four commonly overlooked drivers of time management: managing priorities, energy, attention, and tools. This module is loaded with tips, tricks, and hacks to … Read More


Confidence isn’t something that we are born with, it’s an acquired skill we cultivate, every day. In this course, we’ll teach three key skills to develop confidence, debunk three myths about where it comes from and share three powerful tools for dealing with a ‘crisis of confidence at the moment when it’s needed most.

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