Regardless of role, networking is a skill that can have a significant impact on your career growth – yet it is one of the most overlooked or simply avoided. In this module, we’ll talk about three areas of successful networking: you – how to build your personal brand and manage reputation, them – who to network with, and how to do it by learning tips and tricks to ease our nerves and make networking second … Read More


Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, but far too many of us vainly hope to avoid it vs. building our capacity to deal with it successfully. We teach a five-step process for approaching and resolving conflict and review how to prevent conflict from escalating. There is an interactive activity for participants to practice what they’ve learned. We’ll also spend some time focused on difficult conversations. We’ll learn the “D.E.F.I.C.I.T.” model which helps participants organize their … Read More


Executive presence is a critical factor when we’re addressing an audience – in a room or on a Zoom. In this module, we define what executive presence is and why it’s important for leadership, presentations, meetings, and more. We’ll cover topics such as focus, power, warmth, character, substance, and style – and ways to improve each. We watch video examples to evaluate executive presence in others and then we complete an exercise to evaluate one’s … Read More


We review the neuroscience of threat vs reward to better understand why giving and receiving feedback is difficult and at times can be ineffective. We cover a permission-based process for delivering feedback that yields the most impactful results, strengthens performance, and promotes partnership. We’ll look at techniques that have been proven to be most effective and share many practical tips, tools, and examples to use. This module also covers how to receive feedback well.

 … Read More


Brilliant jerks take note! Raw intelligence will only get you so far.  If you want to succeed as a leader, you need emotional intelligence. The good news is that EQ, unlike IQ, can be cultivated through practice. In this module, you will complete an EQ self-assessment and leave with practical skills to develop the 4 domains of EQ: social awareness, self-awareness, relationship management and self-regulation.… Read More


In this newly developed session, we’ll explore what effective communication and listening look like in our world today. We’ll introduce the curious and closed mindset for how we intake information and how it impacts our communication. We’ll review five ingredients for great communication: clarity, brevity, context, impact, and value – diving into practical scenarios and completing activities around each one.… Read More


We onboard people to companies and projects but we rarely onboard to each other. This module covers the critical information we must ask – and share – with our managers, employees, and co-workers so they can understand us more fully, honor our preferences and boundaries, and work with us optimally.… Read More