Resolving Conflict

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, but far too many of us vainly hope to avoid it vs. building our capacity to deal with it successfully. We teach a four-step process for approaching and resolving conflict and review how to prevent conflict from escalating.… Read More


The fundamentals of workplace etiquette should never be underestimated or overlooked. In this module we’ll introduce the basics of what it means to be “professional”. We’ll cover everything from communication and meeting principles to appearance, first and last impressions, and business functions outside the office.… Read More

Managing Stress. and Avoiding Burnout

Burnout — now an officially recognized condition — is becoming more prevalent, with one in four employees report experiencing symptoms of burnout frequently. In this portion of our in person or online employee training module we’ll examine the causes and impact of burnout. More importantly, we’ll explore effective but simple strategies to help effectively manage workplace stress and avoid burnout from happening in the first place.… Read More

How To Learn

It’s an urban legend that certain people are just “born better learners”. Learning is a true skill which requires training and practice to develop. In this module, we’ll look at different learning styles to identify and better understand the type of learners we are. We’ll review proven techniques for optimizing comprehension and improving memory, and discuss practical methods we can apply to our learning routines.… Read More

Handling Difficult Conversations

In this module, we review the “D.E.F.I.C.I.T.” model which helps participants organize their thoughts and approach to handling difficult situations. Participants have a chance to practice in a paired exercise.… Read More

Understanding Executive Presence

We define what it is and why it’s important for leadership, sales presentations, client management, and more. We watch video examples to evaluate executive presence in others and then we complete an exercise to evaluate one’s own executive presence.… Read More

Feedback With Finesse

We cover a permission-based process for delivering feedback that results in more effective feedback interactions. This module also covers how to receive feedback well. There is a pair exercise to practice.… Read More

Developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

We define what EQ is and why it’s important. We’ll explore the science of our emotions, and learn how they work to influence our behavior, decision- making, and performance. As part of this module, we can administer the Genos EI Assessment.… Read More

Communicating Listening Effectively

In this module, we cover the fundamental “encoder and decoder” model of communication and review the elements that must be present for optimal communication including setting context, rigorous clarity, clear intention and more. We also discuss the three levels of listening: passive, active and contextual – and practice different levels of listening in two different and powerful exercises.… Read More